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Our Golf Simulator

At The World Golf Center, the weather is perfect any day (or night) of the year!


Experience our state-of-the-art golf simulators. You'll use actual

clubs and golf balls (yours or ours). You actually strike the ball

from different surfaces, simulating what it’s like to drive, chip, putt,

etc. from the tee, fairway, sand, rough and the green. You watch

your shot perform just as it would on an outdoor course!


However, at The World Golf Center, the excitement does not stop

there! With our Launch Monitor technology, you see as much (or as

little) as you desire about every shot you hit. From distance &

trajectory to the measure of force & angle at impact- it’s all right

there. Even fades and draws ( slices and hooks )  are clearly



For the avid golfer, our simulators will give you the chance to see

the data you crave and play the courses you never thought you

could. And for the anxious novice or nervous beginner, you’ll enjoy

a relaxed and fun environment to learn the game.